Wish List

Calligraphy of the Witch by Alicia Gaspar de Alba
The Devil in Pew Number Seven by Rebecca N. Alonzo
Children’s Literary Houses by Rosalind Ashe and Lisa Tuttle
Dark Runner by Rosalind Ashe
A Brief History of British Kings and Queens by Mike Ashley
Classical Whodunnits: Murder and Mystery From Ancient Greece and Rome by Mike Ashley
The Darker Sex: Tales of the Supernatural and Macabre by Victorian Women Writers by Mike Ashley
The Biker Who Shot Me: Recollections of a Crime Reporter by Michel Auger
The Bottle Factory Outing by Beryl Bainbridge
Dark Quartet: The Story of the Brontes by Lynne Reid Banks
The Dark Descent by Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, John Collier, Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates
The Brontes: A Life in Letters by Juliet Barker
101 Essential Tips on Home Decorating by Nicholas Barnard
The Complete Home Decorating Book by Nicholas Barnard
Blessing by Deborah Bedford
The Best we Can Do: An Account of the Trial of John Bodkin Adams by Sybille Bedford
Never Come Back by David Bell
– A Dance With the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath by Barbara Bentley
The Day the Catskills Cried: A True Crime Story by Wayne E. Beyea
Dear Maeve by Maeve Binchy
Deeply Regretted By by Maeve Binchy
Bad Seeds: Evil Progeny by Holly Black, Stephen King and Joe R. Lansdale
Crazy by William Peter Blatty
Demons Five, Exorcists Nothing: A Fable by William Peter Blatty
Dimiter by William Peter Blatty
The Crime of the Century by Dennis L. Breo
A Bloom in Winter by T. J. Brown
Summerset Abbey by T. J. Brown
Spring Awakening by T. J. Brown
The Doctor’s Wife by Elizabeth Brundage
A Stranger Like You by Elizabeth Brundage
A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron
The Age of the Antichrist by Jonathan R. Cash
The Bay at Midnight by Diane Chamberlain
Before the Storm by Diane Chamberlain
Brass Ring by Diane Chamberlain
Breaking the Silence by Diane Chamberlain
The Courage Tree by Diane Chamberlain
The Conjurer by Toni Chaudoin
Guardian Angels by Joseph A. Citro
Shadow Child by Joseph A. Citro
Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close
Elizabeth Costello by J. M. Coetzee
Early Graves: The Shocking True-Crime Story of the Youngest Woman Ever Sentenced to Death Row by Thomas H. Cook
Brodmaw Bay by F. G. Cottam
Dark Echo by F. G. Cottam
The House of Lost Souls by F. G. Cottam
The Architecture of Fear by Kathryn Cramer and Peter D. Pautz
Crippen: The Mild Murderer by Tom Cullen
The Crooked Branch by Jeanine Cummins
101 Celtic Knotwork Designs by Courtney Davis
Adam by Ted Dekker
Blessed Child by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright
Blink by Ted Dekker
The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker
House by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti
Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky
Cobbler’s Dream by Monica Dickens
– The Room Upstairs by Monica Dickens
Black Alice by Thomas M. Disch and John T. Sladek
The Flight of the Falcon by Daphne du Maurier
The Diary of Dorcas Good, Child Witch of Salem by Rose Earhart
Conspiracy of Fools: A True Story by Kurt Eichenwald
Crafts to Decorate Your Home by Mary Engelbreit
Cold Water Crossing: An Historical Account of the 1873 Murders Off the Coast of Maine; a New England True Crime Story by David Faxon
The Chronicles of Downton Abbey: A New Era of Family, Friends, Lovers and Staff by Jessica Fellowes and Matthew Sturgis
American Traditional: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Decorating the Ethan Allen Way by Genevieve Fernandez
Bound to Die: The Shocking True Story of Bobbie Joe Long, America’s Most Savage Serial Killer by Anna Flowers
Cry Baby by Gillian Flynn
Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
Death in Salem: The Private Lives Behind the 1692 Witch Hunt by Diane E. Foulds
By Their Father’s Hand: The True Story of the Wesson Family Massacre by Monte Francis
The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith
Kane by Steve Gannon
Glow by Steve Gannon
Cranford and Other Stories by Elizabeth Gaskell
Anne Bronte: A Biography by Winifred Gerin
Branwell Bronte by Winifred Gerin
Elizabeth Gaskell: A Biography by Winifred Gerin
Escaping Salem: The Other Witch Hunt of 1692 by Richard Godbeer
The Boys Are Back in Town by Christopher Golden
The Evil Inside by Heather Graham
Mama’s Boy by Linda Crockett Gray
Long Man by Amy Greene
21 Stories by Graham Greene: Tales of Innocence and Corruption by Graham Greene
The Best of Animals: Stories by Lauren Grodstein
The Explanation For Everything: A Novel by Lauren Grodstein
Reproduction is the Flaw of Love by Lauren Grodstein
One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf
These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf
The Disappearance: A Novel Based on a True Crime by David H. Hanks
The Bishop’s Wife by Mette Ivie Harrison 
The Heart of the Witch by Judith Hawkes
– Bones of the Barbary Coast by Daniel Hecht
City of Masks by Daniel Hecht
Cumbria Murders by Paul Heslop
The Black House by Patricia Highsmith
The Boy Who Followed Ripley by Patricia Highsmith
Deliverance From Evil: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials by Frances Hill
20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill
Horns by Joe Hill
– NOS4A2 by Joe Hill
The Mist in the Mirror by Susan Hill
The Devil’s Disciples: The Makers of the Salem Witchcraft Trials by Peter Charles Hoffer
The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman
Agatha Christie’s True Crime Inspirations by Mike Holgate
Emma’s Secret: A Novel by Steena Holmes
– Affordable Decorating by The Home Decorating Institute
– Creative Accessories For the Home: 76 Projects and Ideas by The Home Decorating Institute
– Decorating the Living Room: 104 Projects and Ideas by The Home Decorating Institute
– Decorating With Great Finds by The Home Decorating Institute
Decorative Painting Techniques and Ideas For Transforming Walls, Furniture and Accessories by The Home Decorating Institute
The Anatomist’s Wife by Anna Lee Huber
Buried Secrets: A True Story of Serial Murder by Edward Humes
Bird’s Nest by Shirley Jackson
Beyond the Sunset by Anna Jacobs
Cherry Tree Lane by Anna Jacobs
All That is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir by Ashley Judd and Maryanne Vollers
The Astors: A Family Chronicle of Pomp and Power by Lucy Kavaler
Broadchurch by Erin Kelly and Chris Chibnall
The Attic by Wade Kenny
Burial Rites: A Novel by Hannah Kent
An Early Grave by Gary C. King
Blind Rage by Gary C. King
Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
Under the Dome by Stephen King
Eleanor: The Years Alone by Joseph P. Lash
The Barlow Murders by George Law
Season of Evil by Elsie Lee
Best Ghost Stories of J. S. Lefanu by Joseph Sheridan Lefanu
Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Lefanu
The Circle by Bentley Little
Blossom Like the Rose by Norah Lofts
A Calf For Venus by Norah Lofts
The Concubine by Norah Lofts
Copsi Castle by Norah Lofts
– Crucible of Secrets by Shona MacLean
Aurora 7 by Thomas Mallon
Eden’s Outcasts: The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father by John Matteson
The Dreams of Ada: A True Story of Murder, Obsession, and a Small Town by Robert Mayer
The Circle by Victoria McCabe
The Book Lover by Maryann McFadden
Dead on Time: How and Why Barry George Executed Jill Dando by John McVicar
Accidents of Marriage: A Novel by Randy Susan Meyers
The Devil’s Right-Hand Man: The True Story of Serial Killer Robert Charles Browne by Stephen G. Michaud and Debbie M. Price
Beach House Memories by Mary Alice Monroe
The Four Seasons by Mary Alice Monroe
Swimming Lessons by Mary Alice Monroe
Secrets of the Lighthouse: A Novel by Santa Montefiore 
52 Weekend Decorating Projects by Jean Nayar
Engaged to Murder: The Shocking True Story of the Nation’s Most Brutal Triple Murder by Loretta Schwartz-Noble
Classic Irish Proverbs: In English and Irish by James O’Donnell
Charmer: The True Story of a Ladies’ Man and His Victims by Jack Olsen
Killing Jesus: A History by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard
The Dead and the Innocent: True Crime 1692 by Barbara O’Sullivan
– The Night the DeFeos Died: Reinvestigating the Amityville Murders by Ric Osuna
Dangerous Instincts: How Gut Feelings Betray Us by Mary Ellen O’Toole, Ph.D and Alisa Bowman
Tunnel Vision by Sara Paretsky
The Chieftain: Victorian True Crime Through the Eyes of a Scotland Yard Detective by Chris Payne
The Bloody Countess: The Crimes of Elizabeth Bathory by Valentine Penrose
– 666 Park Avenue by Gabriella Pierce
– The Dark Glamour: A 666 Park Avenue Novel by Gabriella Pierce
– The Blue Bedroom and Other Stories by Rosamunde Pilcher
– Snow in April by Rosamunde Pilcher
Prominent Sisters: Mary Lamb, Dorothy Wordsworth and Sarah Disraeli by Michael Polowetzky
Wish Upon a Star by Tina Reilly
Crime Through Time: The Black Museum by Stephen Richards
The Bones of Avalon by Phil Rickman
The Blackest Bird: A Novel of Murder in Nineteenth-Century New York by Joel Rose
The Anatomy Murders: Being the True and Spectacular History of Edinburgh’s Notorious Burke and Hare and of the Man of Science Who Abetted Them in the Commission of Their Most Heinous Crimes by Lisa Rosner
Bestial: The Savage Trail of a True American Monster by Harold Schechter
Depraved: The Definitive True Story of H. H. Holmes, Whose Grotesque Crimes Shattered Turn-of-the-Century Chicago by Harold Schecter 
Deranged: The Shocking True Story of America’s Most Fiendish Killer by Harold Schecter
Mariner’s End by Elaine Booth Selig
Scorpion Summer by Elaine Booth Selig
Decorating Made Easy: Winning Windows by Judy Sheridan
The Vengeance by Robert C. Sloane
Moo by Jane Smiley
Cold as Ice: A True Story of Murder, Disappearance, and the Multiple Lives of Drew Peterson by Carlton Smith
The Affair by C. P. Snow
The Emancipation of Giles Corey by Michael Sortomme
Deliver us From Evil: The True Story of Mexico’s Most Famous Kidnapping by Ernestina Sodi
 The Madonna of the Pool by Helen Stancey
Words by Helen Stancey
– The Devil in Massachusetts: A Modern Inquiry Into the Salem Witch Trials by Marion Lena Starkey
Love is Eternal: A Novel About Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln by Irving Stone
The Curse Had Nine Lives by Rich J. Stone
East End Murders: From Jack the Ripper to Ronnie Kray by Neil R. Storey
Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout
The Diary: The Legacy of Salem by Sandra Stump
Celtic Spirals and Other Designs by Sheila Sturrock
The Pope Who Quit: A True Medieval Tale of Mystery, Death and Salvation by Jon Sweeney
Changing my Mind by Margaret Trudeau
Consequences by Margaret Trudeau
Coat of Arms: The Arranways Mystery by Edgar Wallace
The Ice House by Minette Walters
Affinity by Sarah Waters
The Devil Kissed Her: The Story of Mary Lamb by Kathy Watson
While we Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax
Crossing to Kill: The True Story of the Serial-Killer Playground by Simon Whitechapel
England’s Mistress: The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton by Kate Williams
Ash Wednesday by Chet Williamson
The Longest Night by J. N. Williamson
Playmates by J. N. Williamson
The Lover by Laura Wilson
A Thousand Lies by Laura Wilson
– The Bone Garden by William Wood
The Revenant by Hugh Zachary