Debbie Macomber – 204 Rosewood Lane

2. 204 Rosewood Lane by Debbie Macomber (2002)
The Cedar Cove Series Book 2
Length: 379 pages
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Started: 2 January 2014
Finished: 4 January 2014
Where did it come from? From a Library Book Sale
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 21 November 2013
Why do I have it? I like contemporary fiction and have read and enjoyed The Shop on Blossom Street by the same author in the past.

Residents of the close-knit community of Cedar Cove, Washington, have always assumed that Grace Sherman, the town librarian, is as demure as she appears – but they couldn’t be more wrong. Underneath Grace’s demure exterior, is a spine of steel that quickly surfaces when she must face the strange and sudden disappearance of her husband, Dan. 

So, Cedar Cove bands together around one of its own, and Grace’s family and friends bring great comfort to her during such a difficult time. But Grace is reminded that life can and does move on – and, amid the various weddings and births, and other major life events that occur in Cedar Cove – she must be strong enough to help her family deal with their own confusion and devastation at Dan’s absence. However, will Grace’s love, devotion, and dedication to her family in the face of such a personal tragedy, ultimately prove sufficient to keep them all together?

I must say that I haven’t read that many books by Debbie Macomber before. The Shop on Blossom Street was my first one – and that was on a recommendation from my sister who lives in Australia. I’m usually not that much of a romance fan, but this book was a fast-paced and engaging story that I really enjoyed. Dan’s disappearance certainly played an important role in the story – however, the romantic elements of the story weren’t overwhelming; which is also something that I appreciated. I give this book a definite A! 

A! – (90-95%)

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight

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