Donna VanLiere – The Angels of Morgan Hill

12. The Angels of Morgan Hill by Donna VanLiere (2006)
Length: 320 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction
Started: 4 February 2012
Finished: 7 February 2012
Where did it come from? From Walmart
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 12 January 2009
Why do I have it? I like historical fiction and Mareena bought this book for me as a present.

It’s 1947. Nine-year-old Jane Gable first lays eyes on Milo Turner the day her alcoholic and abusive father is laid to rest. The Turner family is the first black family to live in Morgan Hill and Jane can’t understand why people are so bitter. For Jane and her brother John, Milo is just a new friend and playmate.

Then tragedy strikes the Turner family and the Gables are asked to make a decision that could rip their family apart. One path may open up a whole new world for them and bring them closer together, the other may bring them trouble and heartache. As Jane struggles to make sense of the many changes that have come to her community, she will discover that she is surrounded by many angels who are ready to help her in the most ordinary and extraordinary ways.

I really liked this book and thought that it was a very easy read. I enjoyed this book so much because everything comes right. This is the second time that I’ve read this book and I give it an A+!

A+! – (96-100%)

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight


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