J. D. Christilian – Scarlet Women

69. Scarlet Women by J. D. Christilian (1996)
Length: 304 pages
Genre: Historical Mystery
Started: 19 December 2011
Finished: 24 December 2011
Where did it come from? From a Library Book Sale
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 11 February 2011
Why do I have it? I enjoy historical mysteries and J. D. Christilian is a new author for me.

When the young wife of a prominent attorney goes missing in 19th-century New York, he hires the police’s best investigator Harp to find her. Found in a warehouse sometime later dressed in the missing woman’s velvet ball gown is a prostitute who has had her throat cut. Harp must discover who the prostitute is, why she is dressed in a ball gown and where the attorney’s wife has gone. Along the way, Harp must talk to the demi-monde of society, criminals and must deal with the police themselves who don’t want the case solved.

I really enjoyed this book. It had a very good plot and I give it an A! 

A! – (90-95%)

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight

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