Bari Wood – The Basement

36. The Basement by Bari Wood (1995)
Length: 290 pages
Genre: Horror
Started: 25 December 2009
Finished: 30 December 2009
Where did it come from? From Paperback Swap
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 1 December 2009
Why do I have it? I like horror and Mareena got this for me as a ” Secret Santa” Christmas present.

Wealthy Connecticut housewife Myra Ludens is well aware of the inexplicable fear most people experience upon entering her cellar. While she knows that other people may feel dread, Myra truly believes that she is living in her dream house. However, her dream is about to turn into a nightmare…

For what Myra doesn’t realize is that the recent remodeling of her basement has reawakened an evil presence that demands vengeance. Researching the history of her house, Myra discovers that in 1695, a woman by the name of Elizabeth ‘Goody’ Redman was hanged for witchcraft. Goody Redman’s body was subsequently buried on Myra’s land. To release the tormented spirit, Myra performs an impromptu exorcism – to her detriment.

In my opinion, this was an excellent book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Ms. Wood really knows how to create a chilling atmosphere, and I also appreciated the slow and steady increase in the horror – which was sustained throughout the story. I give this book a definite A+! – it’s certainly a keeper for me!

A+! – (96-100%)

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight

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